Types of Inspections we Offer:


vanLieshout Building Services offers several different types of inspections to our clients. Our services are  available in Toronto, Brampton, Hamilton-Wentworth, Peel-Halton, York  Region, Wellington and Simcoe Counties.

Tarion Inspections - Pre-delivery (PDI), 30 day, 1 and 2 year warranty

All  builders must conduct a Pre-Delivery Inspection of all homes and  condominiums prior to the date of possession.  Let us help you find all  items that should be listed on your PDI form, because if it isn't listed  it may not get addressed. We can assist with completing your form or  act as your designate on the day of your inspection.  Our job is to help  you identify items that are damaged, missing, incomplete or in poor  operating condition. We will test and demonstrate all of the home's  features and systems too.  We can then follow up and assist with the  completion of your 30 day, 1 & 2 year warranty inspections as well,  to make sure that the builder has followed through and completed all  necessary repairs, and dealt with all deficiencies so that you have the  home that you set out to purchase.


A  pre-purchase home inspection provides an opportunity for you to learn  how your new home will “work”, where its various systems are located,  and how to find all the necessary things to make you feel comfortable .  This is why we suggest that you accompany our inspector once he has done  the initial walk through of your potential new home. One of the most  important things you will want to know are the  locations of the gas and  water lines. It is imperative to know their location especially in the  event of an emergency, or in case you wish to do any type of renovation  work, as you may need to shut them off.  You will also want to know the  location of your electrical panel, its main shut off, as well as the  location of the furnace shut off switch.

Pre-purchase  inspections may also point out areas of potential concern that you may  need to take into consideration prior to purchasing your home.  Some  people are very comfortable and happy to take on the task of a 'fixer  upper', while others would prefer to know that their home will only have  minimal regular upkeep issues to contend with.  Our inspector will be  able to help to identify those issues which may be of concern and may  require further review by a professional engineer or other trades  person, while also indicating those items that may look worrisome to a  first time buyer, but are typical signs of settling or wear tear on  components of the home. This is your opportunity to get a good look at  the home/commercial property you are interested in, while having someone  there with you who has the training to provide the guidance and  information required to make an informed decision about next steps.


A  pre-listing inspection is a home inspection that is performed prior to a  seller listing their property for sale.  This gives you the opportunity  to identify issues you may not have been aware of prior to listing your  home.  As such, you give yourself the chance to make any needed repairs  prior to listing your home, especially minor ones that will have the  least impact on your pocket book, and ease the mind of  your buyer.  As  well, this inspection can identify issues that may impact the selling  price of your home thus helping you to establish a more realistic  listing, which can help to negate any drawn out negotiations and speed  up the sale of your home.  There is also a legal requirement for a  seller to identify any major issues that could have negatively impacted a  purchaser's desire to buy - taking advantage of a pre-listing  inspection will help you to identify any of these issues so that you are  able to notify your realtor and any potential buyers of these  deficiencies.


A  pre-offer inspection provides you with the same information and piece  of mind that a pre-purchase inspection does, however, it is done prior  to placing an offer on the home.  This allows you the opportunity to  conduct the home inspection ahead of time and eliminate the need to make  a conditional offer requiring a home inspection. As such, you are able  to make a firm offer based on the knowledge provided during your home  inspection.


A  post-purchase inspection is exactly what it sounds like, an inspection  done after you've made your purchase.This is an opportunity for you to  take a good look at what you've purchased and determine if you have any  issues that you may want to deal with sooner rather than later. A  post-purchase inspection can also help you to identify components of  your home that you need to be thinking about in relation to replacement  such as furnaces, air conditioners, roofs, driveways, windows, etc. This  inspection will give you your 'honey-do' list of potential repairs and  items to monitor for replacement.


A  maintenance inspection is an inspection done for the current owner of  the home. You may have been in your home for years, have never had it  inspected and are beginning to notice that you need to start looking at  issues that may be arising with your home.  You need someone to help you  identify all the issues and prioritize the urgency of those needed to  be done first.  You may even need some assistance determining who the  best qualified people are to be completing your repairs.  Our inspector  can help identify the right people, tell you the age of your installed  equipment and give you an idea of its anticipated life expectancy.  

This  type of inspection can be viewed as checkup on the health of your home  and all its components, helping you to alleviate big repair costs down  the road when done every 3-5 years.

Light Commercial

Light  commercial inspections provide a general overview of all the major  components and systems, similar to that of a regular home inspection.   However, there may be more specific details you may want us to focus on  in this type of inspection relevant to your particular business.  This  may require that we meet with you prior to the inspection to determine  the scope and expectations you have in relation to the inspection.  This  will allow us to determine pricing and turn around time for your  report, which will be contingent on the size of the space you would like  us to inspect.  Included within the category of light commercial  inspections are: low-rise office complexes, apartment complexes,  investment properties, restaurants, small warehouses, churches and other  non-industrial buildings.